Manage The Software Inventory As Well As The Software License Compliance

As we all know that using software application is a very common. Mainly, the business organizations use various technologies and software. In this case, managing software usage is necessary. Side by side, the organization should manage the software license agreements. The end user business organizations buy the various software from various software vendors.  So, it is not easy to maintain software inventory. People can start using the software asset management tool. This tool is also called the software license compliance tool. On the other hand, the software inventory tool is available in the market.  It is a subset of the SAM tool.

Benefits of using the Software inventory tool

·         It scans the whole computer and collects data of the installed software application in a particular network. Also, it collects the information of software usage. License agreement type, service of the software, etc. many other information can be customized as per the requirement.
·         This tool is also known as the software metering tool. The software inventory tool can find the details of the unused software, frequently used software, regularly used software, etc. This information can help the organization to decide the next purchase of the software and license agreement renewal.

·         An organization can stop using any software application at any time. It depends on the organizational rules & regulation. The software inventory tools help to detect the prohibited software and maintain the software compliance.

·         It sends a notification to the user while installing a new software in a particular network.
·         Also, it helps to find out the noncompliance software applications of an organization.
The software inventory tool is the best way of managing software usage in an organization. Apart from that, the software usage tracking tool or monitoring tool is also available in the market.

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